Green Sequin Dress

What Color Shoes To Wear With Green Sequin Dress

How to choose the perfect shoe colour to match your green sequin dress

Combining the glamour of sequins with the richness of green, a green sequined dress makes a bold statement. The right shoes can be the perfect complement to your look, giving you a head-to-toe sparkle. Here's a guide to help you choose the perfect colour of shoes to go with your green sequin dress for any occasion.


green sequin dress


1. Metallic gold or metallic silver

Metallic gold: Reflecting the warmth and depth of the dress, gold shoes are a natural companion to green. They create a harmonious and rich aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury, especially when paired with softer olive greens. Opt for gold heels or strappy sandals for an elegant event to ensure your footwear adds to the sparkle of your dress without competing for attention.

Metallic silver: Silver shoes, especially if the dress is in emerald or cooler shades of green, provide a cooler contrast to a green sequined dress. Silver can add vibrancy to a dress, giving it an elegant and modern feel. For a chic, contemporary look, choose silver pumps or simple sandals.


sequin dress green

2. Classic Black

A safe and sophisticated choice, black shoes are always elegant. They provide a neutral underpinning, letting your gown shine. For a consistent look, consider the size of the embellishments on the dress and match them with your choice of shoes: opt for simple, understated black heels with smaller embellishments or more substantial, textured shoes with bigger embellishments.

3. Deep green colour

For a monochromatic look, shoes in a matching shade of green can be used to create a seamless and eye-catching ensemble. This choice requires precision in colour matching, so be sure to take a sample of your dress with you when you go shopping for shoes. It's a bold look, but when done well, it can be unbelievably chic and cohesive.


sequin dress

4. Vibrant red

The choice of red shoes is a vibrant contrast that's both unexpected and captivating. For those who like to stand out and are comfortable with making a bold style statement, this combination works well. For a balanced and sophisticated look, keep the shade of red rich and deep to complement the green dress.


5. Nude or Blush

Lengthen your legs and keep the focus on your dress with nude shoes that closely match your skin tone. This choice is particularly effective for daytime events, or if you want to go for a more understated and elegant look.

A subtle contrast without being overwhelming, blush or pale pink shoes add a soft, feminine touch to an outfit. This option is ideal for spring and summer events. It offers a light and fresh look.


sequin dress green



Depending on the look you're after and the type of event, the choice of shoe colour to wear with a green sequined dress will vary. Metallics such as gold and silver will add sparkle, black will add sophistication, a matching green will create a bold monochrome effect, red will provide a striking contrast and a nude or blush colour will provide a subtle, elegant finish. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements your style and the occasion. You will feel confident and chic in your stunning green sequin dress.

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