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Glitter Shoes

Why choose sequined shoes?

Sometimes we dare to splurge on shoes. Sequined shoes are a subtle and discreet way to make a statement, while adding the finishing touch to an outfit. At Sequin Dress, we're all about the look, and our sequined shoes will give you that touch of sparkle and sophistication that will make you stand out from the crowd.

How to choose these sequined shoes?

From pumps to sneakers, you'll find the perfect pair of sequined footwear in Sequin Dress, where you'll find everything from evening wear to trainers and everything in between. Add the finishing touch to an evening outfit with silver sequin shoes or gold sequin shoes. Embroidered shoes are a fashion statement. It's hard to imagine anything better than a pair of sparkly ankle boots with a classic black dress in winter. There's nothing like a pretty sequin sandal with a light dress in the summer. It's perfect for birthdays, a night out with friends and parties of all kinds.

Look and feel of glitter shoes :

At Sequin Dress we are committed to bringing you the latest trends in fashion and to providing you with quality shoes that you can enjoy for a long time to come. Choose the pair you need for a stylish and glamorous look from glitter booties and babies to high heel sandals and trainers! For a perfectly stylish and comfortable look, choose our glitter trainers! Or choose the comfort of a glittery booties that blends glamour and comfort.

Which model to choose?

If you want to let your style run wild, opt for original outfits and shoes to make you feel imaginative.

1. Glitter boots

The shoe that goes with everything is practical and easy to wear. So this festive season, choose a pair with glitter to add a fantasy touch to a classic outfit.

2. Shoes with straps and square heels

A pair of little square heels is the perfect way to be in tune with the baby doll trend. They can be worn with open or closed straps. They're the ideal piece to complete a sophisticated party look. To add a little pizzazz to your outfit, don't hesitate to play around with colors.

3. Glitter sandals

Elegant yet sparkly, these are the perfect shoes to wear with a simple, minimalist dress, day or night, they're sure to make you sparkle!

4. Glitter trainers

The ideal way to combine comfort and style for every occasion, they're comfortable and adaptable to all outfits!

5. Glitter pumps

Ideal for all formal occasions, their 90s look adds a sophisticated retro touch to your look. It's a sure-fire, timeless item!

6. Glitter high heels

Here are some pumps that'll set you apart! They'll make you look chic and glamorous in any situation and add that extra touch of elegance to your look.

7. Cowboy boots

Perfect for pairing with a little black dress, these mid-calf sequined shoes. Play up contrasts in style!

8. Glitter sandals

They can be worn with everything from raw denim jeans to maxi dresses and velvet shorts for an elegant and minimalist look. For every occasion, they're the perfect choice!


At Sequin Dress you are sure to find a pair of shoes with sequins that will suit your style, your trend and your mood. Our team will give you all the advice you need to make sure you're completely satisfied, with an eye on comfort and quality! All you have to do is buy the pair of sequin shoes that'll be your ticket to success!