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Sequin Tights

Why choose sequin tights?

This essential fashion accessory has reinvented itself and continues to surprise us! They're becoming more and more eye-catching, and can be a decisive element in your everyday outfit. Sequined tights are no longer just reserved for festive evenings or end-of-year parties. These fancy tights can also be worn during the day, adding a touch of panache to your outfit! Sequins reflect light and brighten up your outfit with a festive touch. What's more, sequin tights are available in a wide range of colors. Why deprive yourself? 

How do I wear sequined tights?

At Sequin we would like to advise you on the mistakes to avoid because wearing sequined tights is not easy! You need to avoid fashion faux pas! Here's some advice at a time when sequins are worn day and night.

Personalize your basics with sequined tights

Sequined tights have the advantage of keeping the rest of your outfit simple. You're ready to go with a black blazer, a neutral wool dress or velvet skirt and a pair of glittering tights. If you're going out, your favorite little black dress will suffice. There are two ways to wear it with sequined legs: a chic version with a flowing style and tights with a sequin line down the back of the leg, or a more casual version with a knit dress and colored sequin tights. There's no need to go overboard! To show your desire to have fun, you can add a touch of glitter to your eyes!

Color with sparkle?

Go wild with prints, bold colors and sparkly accessories if you really want to and it's a party! For the rest, take it easy. A fancy pair of sequin tights is a statement in itself, but too much can be a steal. We're not saying go all black, but at least choose a subtle print. Something that is tonal or that creates a cameo of color with the pair of tights you're wearing will work just fine.

The different types of glitter tights

The effect can vary from chic to extravagant depending on the color, coverage and position of the sequins! It's up to you, depending on your comfort level and the context, to choose the right effect for your legs!
1. tights with a glitter line or polka dots: Tights with glitter are easier to wear if the glitter doesn't cover the entire tights, but just small areas like lines down the back of the leg, fine stripes or polka dots. This creates areas of opacity for a subtle contrast on sheer tights. It's a great way to add a bit of fun to your outfit with opaque black tights!
2. Full sequins:  While shiny black and gold tights are more likely to stand out, try a little color with electric blue, red or green tights. Make them the highlight of whatever you're wearing. With a very short dress or shorts, don't be afraid to show off your legs!


At Sequin Dress you'll find a whole range of sequin tights that will help you to make your outfits stand out, to be worn all year round and not just for the festive season, at a party or during the day for those who love originality!