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Choosing a sequinned beanie

In winter, the famous warm jacket, beanie and gloves kit is the order of the day. People sometimes think it's difficult to dress in style in winter, but it's not. The key is to choose your beanie carefully.  At Sequin Dress we offer a range of Sequin Beanie to help you flatter your outfit. The hat is often one of the first things you notice.

To each his own style ... A Sequin Beanie for everyone!

Casual, rock, glamour or retro: there's a sequinned hat for every style! If you want to wear a sequinned hat that reflects your image, your taste and your personality, it's best to opt for a model that's a sure bet and that you'll never tire of wearing. The important thing is that you like the sequined hat, before anyone else!

how to choose the right glitter beanie?

1. Match your hat to your outfit : To avoid looking out of place, you need to dare to play with colors and materials. You could, for example, use a hint of color: a hat in the same shade as your shoes or a scarf.

2. Avoid a total look : Don't go overboard, because the main purpose of a sequinned hat is to brighten up an outfit or add a little sparkle to your style without overdoing it! 

3. We dare to be original: A sequined hat is an original accessory in its own right, but don't be afraid to be more daring with more or less flashy colors! 

Enhance your face with the right hat :

Like hats, beanies come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to suit different facial morphology. So if you're looking for a trendy, warm look for the winter season, it's important to choose a hat that suits your face shape by following a few basic rules. In this way, you will be able to make your choice with ease, and make a purchase that will meet all your expectations:

1. If your cheekbones are prominent and your forehead and chin are the same size, you have a square face. Choose a hat that is wide or oversize rather than tight.

2. A pointed bonnet will elongate your face with more geometric lines if you have a round face. Avoid backwards cups.

3. If you have a broad forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a pointed chin, you have a heart-shaped face. A voluminous bonnet, with a chunky mesh or tassels for example, will be the ideal balance to your shape.

4. If you have a slim, oval face, then most of the cups will work for your shape. To find the one that best suits your personality, don't hesitate to try on different styles.

Quality and comfort : 

At Sequin Dress we do our utmost to provide you with quality clothing and accessories that are comfortable and pleasant to wear, which is why we use quality materials that will allow you to enjoy our products for a long time.


Come and discover in our boutique the sequinned beanie that will suit your style, your morphology and your preferences, for a trendy and shiny look, to spend a warm winter under the sign of elegance.