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Sequin Cap

Why choose a sequin cap?

Long used as a party accessory, disguise for birthdays, hip-hop dance accessory. The sequin cap has now become an essential fashion accessory to sublimate an outfit or add the finishing touch to a style. Let's take a look at why you should choose a sequin cap.

Different types of cap 

There are several different types, depending on their shape:

1. The gavroche cap: a soft cap with a small peak, ideally worn with simple, classic or formal outfits.
2. The flat cap (Irish): this is a beret-style cap, ideal for enhancing a very feminine look.
3. Snap back: this is a domed cap with a large peak, popular in the world of rap and hip-hop, it completes a street-wear style.
4. The Trucker: this is the legendary baseball cap with a mesh peak. Very popular with sportsmen and women, it adds style to any look, whether smart or casual.

Why wear a sequin cap?

Firstly, they add a lot of style to your look. It's an eye-catching accessory, and with its sequins, it's highly visible from afar!
Secondly, it protects your face from the sun's rays, helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The sun's scorching rays can also cause other damage to the fragile skin on your face, such as burns and the appearance of pimples.
Thirdly, they can be very useful for people who are often in a hurry and don't have the time to comb their hair, so they don't have to spend time trying to straighten their hair!

How do you choose a sequin cap?

At Sequin Dress you know we're all about fashion, and we've got some advice for you. Choosing the right sequin cap will depend above all on the shape of your face. 
For square faces, we recommend a cap that will soften and elongate your features, such as a gavroche or baseball cap.
For oval faces (or hat faces!!) you can choose any style of sequined cap.
For long, slim faces, we recommend flat caps like the Irish cap, because it gently hugs the head and its peak doesn't smother the whole forehead. It also shows off fine facial features well.


At Sequin Dress we offer sequin caps for every style, for every head, and in every color. Once you've decided on your criteria, we invite you to browse our shop to find the sequin cap that's right for you.