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Sequin Tie

Why choose a sequined tie?

Do you want to add a touch of glitz and glamour to your formal wear? Choose a Sequin Tie! Ideal for special occasions, parties or festive events, this is a trendy and original fashion accessory. A sequined tie will add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your look and is available in a variety of colours and patterns. It's sure to catch the eye and make you stand out in style, whether you wear it with a suit or a shirt. Make a splash at your next event and discover our range of sequin ties at Sequin Dress!

What's the occasion?

The usual tie worn for solemn and important occasions is now more frivolous, and its sequined version will be perfect to complete your festive outfits. The essential accessory for a wedding, birthday, end-of-year party or graduation. The tie has gone up a notch and is now the star of your outfit!

Style and quality :

At Sequin Dress, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. That's why our ties are made from top-quality 100% polyester silk, which gives the ties a smooth, silky feel and soft texture. Their standard dimensions make them easy to knot and always fall impeccably

What colour should I choose?

The choice of tie colour depends on the occasion, the shirt and suit you want to wear with it and also your mood. The choice of tie colour depends on the occasion, the shirt and suit you want to wear with it and also your mood.
For an important or solemn occasion, opt for a tie in a neutral hue, for parties opt for brighter colours, and for a wedding, white and black can be replaced by pink or turquoise, for example. 

There's a tie for every occasion and every personality : 

1. Blue tie
For formal occasions such as the office, meetings and other important appointments, a blue tie is the perfect choice. As long as the blue of your tie matches your suit, blue can also be worn for festive occasions. Choose a tie in a light shade of blue or a vibrant turquoise blue. For a more informal occasion, choose a blue tie with a brightly coloured pattern.

2. Brown tie
Brown is one of the colours we associate with autumn. It is found in the colour of tree trunks and leaves. The colour evokes earthiness and simplicity, but also warmth and friendliness. Men who wear brown ties are generally warm, discreet and reassuring. You can opt for a slimfit silk satin tie with beautiful subtle highlights.

3. Yellow tie
Yellow is the colour of the sun, the brightest colour of all. Men who wear yellow ties are generally cheerful, creative and looking for versatility. Yellow ties are particularly suited to men with dark skin. Choose a yellow silk satin tie. Satin is obtained by weaving silk very finely. Satin is a supple fabric with beautiful, subtle reflections. The perfect choice for a chic party or dinner.

4. Green tie
Green is the colour of nature and is associated with naturalness and freshness. Green is also the colour of hope and peace. It's no coincidence that many companies have been using green in their logos in recent years. Green symbolises a positive future. Men who opt for green ties often feel closely connected to nature and in harmony with their surroundings.

5. Orange tie
The orange tie is a cheerful tie that won't go unnoticed. Wear an orange tie for men if you want people to look at you, it's a sign of dynamism and boldness. You're showing people your individuality and strength.

6. Red tie
Red is associated with love. For a party or unofficial occasion, a red tie adds a touch of passion to your outfit. A red tie is particularly suitable for festive occasions. If the tie is made from silk satin, it adds an extra festive touch, making it particularly suitable for Christmas parties or weddings.


The tie is an indispensable accessory of distinction and respect. But this piece is now more conventional and harmonizes cheerfully your outfit. At Sequin Dress we offer a wide range of colours to suit all occasions and personalities.