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Rainbow Sequin Bucket Hat
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Sequin Bucket Hat

Why choose a sequin bucket hat?

The bob is mainly used for sun protection and shading, and is suitable for outdoor outings thanks to its large surface area that covers against long exposure to the sun. The bob has become a unique fashion accessory that enhances your outfits and reflects your personality. At Sequin Dress, we've made the bob a must-have fashion accessory.

Where does the design of the sequined bob hat come from?

Long used by fishermen to protect themselves from the wind, sun or rain, bob hats have come a long way to invade our summer shelves and become a fashion accessory in their own right.

How to wear a sequin bob hat?

With its bucket shape and wide brim, the sequin bob hat can be worn with a variety of different styles. Long worn as a retro accessory, you'll now find it in every look. 
1. Street wear look: to show you're different, team it with your favorite jogging bottoms or baggy pants, your sequin bob hat and the style is guaranteed! 
2. Monochrome look: Let your bob match the color of your clothes. This could be an oversize jacket, trousers or a jumpsuit. You can create a consistent color palette with your hat and outfit.
3. Flashy look: If you want to stand out from the crowd, dare to wear a sequined bob in flashy shades of pink, red or blue, perfect for your festive evenings or stage outfits.
4. Casual Chic look: Dare to go for bright colors, gold or silver, your sequined bobble hat will go perfectly with your shorts, little dress or swimming costume when you hit the beaches this summer.

Which glitter bob hat is right for me?

To find out which bob hat style is right for you, you need to study your face shape.
1. round face: opt for a bob with angular lines to create the illusion of length.
2. square face: opt for a bob with round edges to soften the angles.

Quality and style:

At Sequin Dress, we insist on providing you with quality clothing and accessories. That's why our sequin hats are designed with quality materials like cotton, denim, wool or leather to add sophistication and comfort to your look.


At Sequin Dress, we offer you the chance to personalize your style with quality accessories, like this sequin bob hat. Come and discover our range, whether it's gold, silver, black or red, you'll find a unique piece to brighten up your outfit.