How to Accessorize a Green Sequin Dress

How to Accessorize a Green Sequin Dress

Here's a style guide for shimmering elegance

A green sequin dress is an electrifying choice, offering a unique blend of sophistication and allure. The key to accessorizing such a piece is to enhance its natural radiance without overwhelming it. Here are a few insider tips for perfectly accessorizing a green sequin dress for any occasion.

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Choosing the right type of jewellery

1. Use complementary metals: Gold jewellery complements green beautifully. It reflects the warmth and richness of the colour. Consider gold earrings, bracelets or necklaces to add a touch of elegance to a green sequined dress. Silver or platinum may work better if the dress has cooler undertones.

2. Take a more minimalist approach: Sequins have a tendency to glitter, so keep it subtle. You can add a touch of sophistication without overpowering your dress with simple stud earrings, a delicate pendant necklace or a thin bracelet.

3. Make a statement: If you do choose to wear a statement piece of jewellery, make sure it is the sole focus of attention. A large cuff bracelet or bold earrings can be eye-catching, but make sure the rest of your jewellery is kept to a minimum to maintain balance.

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How to choose shoes

1. Go for metallic heels: The festive vibe of a green sequined dress can be enhanced with metallic shoes in gold or silver. Paired with strappy sandals or elegant pumps, they add an extra layer of sparkle and sophistication.

2. Choose neutral tones: Choose shoes in neutral tones such as black, nude or even dark green to match your dress to keep the focus on your gown. To keep your look grounded and chic, these colours provide a solid foundation.

3. Choose from velvet or satin: Choose shoes in rich textures such as velvet or satin for an extra touch of luxury. Especially in deep greens or contrasting colours such as burgundy or navy, these materials can complement the sparkle of sequins.

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How to choose the right coupling

1. Try to keep it simple: To hold your essentials without taking away from your outfit, choose a plain clutch in a colour that matches or complements your dress. Clutches in metallic colours, black or even a deep emerald green can all work well.

2. Try to avoid over embellishing: Stay away from overly embellished clutches or competing sequins. You want to complement, not compete, with what you are wearing.


green sequin dress

Green sequin dress

Hair and make-up techniques 

1. Hair: To keep your look polished, consider elegant hairstyles such as soft waves, sleek buns or a low ponytail. The aim should be to frame the face and set off the gown with a touch of glamour.

2. How to wear make up: Try to balance your make-up. A green sequined dress allows for dramatic eye make-up or bold lips, but not both at once. Neutral and earthy shades work well for the eyes. A bold red or deep plum can be stunning on the lips.

Putting the finishing touches: Belts and jackets

1. Belts: A belt may not be necessary if your sequined dress is fitted. However, a thin belt in a complementary colour can accentuate your waistline for looser styles.

2. Your outerwear : For cooler weather, a simple blazer or chic faux fur coat can be perfect. To match the palette of your dress, choose neutral colours or jewel tones.

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Sequin evening dresses


Balance is the key to accessorising a green sequined dress. You can enhance the natural beauty of your dress without overpowering it by choosing the right jewellery, shoes and accessories. Remember that the most important accessory you can have is confidence. Be ready to turn heads at any event by wearing your green sequined dress with pride and grace. You might like this other article "What Color Shoes To Wear With Green Sequin Dress"

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